2021 Thursday Night League 

2021 Thursday Night League

Week #1 - Thursday, April 15th - 5:45 P.M.

 60 Teams, 120 Player means no eaxtras for the first few weeks until we get some extras daylight!

Each TEAM will receive 1 Golf Cart. We do not have enough carts to give all 120 players a cart each night. Prairie View will still allow players to ride indvidually during regular play, but we cannot accomodate single riders during TNL shotgun starts.

  • GOLD TEES for all Players

  • 5:45pm Shotgun Start Weekly

  • $39 Greens Fee is you are not an Annual Member

  • Optional Skins Pot is $10/Team - All players must check-in at the Starter's Table with Jake/Calvin.

Hole-in-One Pot $20: Pay your $20 in the Golf Shop. Cash or Credit Card Accepted. You can buy in at any point during the seaosn, but you MUST be in BEFORE you make an Ace to get paid. If we have multiple Aces during the year, those players will split the pot at the END of the season. If we don't have one at all, we will have $100 Bills at the Closing Night Party October 7th, and draw names from who was in the pot, but you can't win if you don't show up!

Handicap - The Men's Club uses it's own handicap system. Ten (10) is the maximum handicap for 9 holes, and Zero (0) is the minimum. NET Double Bogey is the highest score you can take on any hole unless it will affect the match. You must have a handicap established by the week of June 27th or you will play at a zero for the remainder of the season.

Match Handicap - Place your league handicap in the appropriate box. The lowest handicap of the foursome will become "0". Subtract that same amount from every player's handicap in the group. Write that amount in the "Net Zero HDCP" box. Stroke the holes accordingly on the scorecard.

Scoring - Eighteen points are available in each match. Each hole is played for 2 points (Net bestball). A tie on a hole is worth 1 point for each team. Make sure you write actual scores on the card and the net best ball in the appropriate box.

Substitutes - If a substitute is needed. He will have one stroke taken off if his handicap is 1 - 3, two strokes off if his handicap is 4 - 6, and three strokes off if his handicap is 7 - 10. Your team will receive 0 points if you need two subs (NO SHOW) and the opposing team will receive a minimum of 10 Points. If we have extras to reaplce a team that no shows, the opposing team should still keep score for all 4 players, so they would be eligible to receive more than 10 points in the match vs. the extras.


2021 Results

President's Cup (Match #3)

Ryder Cup (Match #3)

President's Cup (Match #2)

Ryder Cup (Match #2)

President's Cup

Ryder Cup


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